Bearded Noise

Bearded Noise

The Backstory

Bearded Noise was founded by Tiff (they/them), a non-binary person of color on the transmasc and autism spectrums who is paving new grounds for other goths of color.

Founded in 2017 after the death of their fiancĂ©, Tiff set out honor their soulmate while healing through creation and community. They started with a simple beard oil — the same one they used to make for their fiancĂ©, Joe “Beard”.

Over the years, Tiff’s business has grown to include a variety of products from candles to keychains, hairbows, and chicken bone necklaces, vending both online and in-person at various conventions and events throughout the Philadelphia and Atlantic City areas.  

In 2021, Bearded Noise expanded to offer “Goth Shop + Social”, an in-person shopping and social experience. To join the next pop-up, be sure to join our email list.